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"Mubarakah is down to earth and I feel comfortable asking her any questions I have, even if I think I should know the answer. My family and I enjoy the menu and recipes. It definitely makes it easier for me to stay on track by being able to make one meal that everyone will eat. I appreciate that the program is nicely packaged for busy women on the go with families and careers. "
Aliyyah Salam-Abdullah
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What We Can Help You With...
From Diet Plans...
To Fitness Routines to...
If you don't know where to start and have no idea on how to get fit.
If you don’t have time to spend hours in the gym.
   If you struggle staying consistent with your fitness and nutrition plan
   If you want 1-on-1 help throughout your fitness journey.
   If you want help with what foods to eat and not eat.
   If you want to live a healthy and energetic life.
And it's really that simple...
We have incredibly talented coaches who have been vetted by us and as a result, we can GUARANTEE quality and results!

Let's hop on a call to see how we can help...
Why The MR40 Methods 'Inner Circle' Is
The Best Fitness Program To Build Your Healthy Lifestyle...
Meet Mubarakah, Founder
I am a health and fitness coach with a 13 Fitness and Nutrition certifications, a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and Public Health and have been featured in dozens of media outlets.
You may recognize me at the Muslim trainer who was featured of the Oprah Winfrey Show several years ago but now I am a 40+ year old mom of 4, who probably like you spent years trying to fight my changing metabolism when I began to get older and the pounds began to stack on.
Frustrated with the standard advice not working I went back to the drawing board and pulled out my exercise and nutrition textbooks from college and found a glossed over chapter buried in the middle of the book about ketosis and metabolic function and decided to learn more about this unconventional approach to weight management.
After spending over a year delving into the scientific research on fat loss I had to "unlearn" what I had to learned to reset my metabolism and finally let go of the unwanted weight.
Along the way, I had to re-think many of the “truths” I thought I knew. I had spent years being told (And repeating to others) that "fat is bad" and "whole grain were the key to a healthy diet".
After years of forcing myself to eat, even when I wasn’t hungry just because I believed that breakfast was the “most important meal of the day” and systematically eating every 3-4 hours in effort to “boost my metabolism” skipping breakfast and practicing intermittent fasting felt sacrilegious.
But using ketogenic eating as a part of my science based approached I lost 38lbs, reduced my body fat by 15%, dropped 8 pant sizes. But even better than that I wake up almost every morning feeling amazing. Looking in the mirror and loving the body I see.
After learning the science behind ketogenic eating and using it as my own secret weapon. I was initially happy to learn that so many people were starting to realize how effective the keto diet was...
but then I started noticing so much wrong with the information that was out there.
People were confused about the science and didn't understand how it worked...
I was tired of seeing so many dangerous lies that put people's health at risk instead of improving it...
I knew there was a void of women with a real health and fitness education, teaching how a ketogenic lifestyle benefit women...
I knew it was time to teach people the truth and simplify the information.
It was time to create just ONE effective, easy-to-follow program that would make every step into the Ketogenic lifestyle as simple as possible.
So I developed the mR40 method online to help women as many women as I could learn the science and practical application of doing ketogenic diet as a lifestyle to lose weight, gain energy, improve mental focus and to maximize health potential. 
First, We'll Get
On The Phone
And go over where you are in your fitness journey...
   Where are you on your Fitness Journey?
   Starting from The Beginning? No Problem.
   How Your Timetable Can Work For You?
   The Easiest Method That Suits You, Your Body And Your Lifestyle?
   Why Do You Want To Keep Fit And Live A Healthy Life?
Once we have those "core questions", we'll focus on 3 things
Find your starting point and how much time you have to dedicate
Match you up with our Friendly Coaches
Set a day-to-day plan so you can reach your Fitness goals fast
And it's really that simple...
If your Health isn't to the standard you want, you struggle to live life energetically...

If you don't know how to keep fit... it doesn't compel you to stay fit.

But if you get it right... then you can live life healthy and fruitful!
How Fast Can You Lose Weight and Stay Fit & Healthy...
When It's "Right..."?
You could literally be just a few weeks away from really seeing a MASSIVE difference in your life...

Over the years, we have helped thousands of people just like you really enjoy the process of keeping fit. 
Check Out What Others Say...
'Inner Circle' Members
Who Already Took The Leap Of Faith And Joined Us...
Real Women, Real Results!

Immense Benefit...

"I join the mR40 program to lose weight and have a support group of other women on the same mission. I lost 17 lbs in 40 days alhamdulillah
I'm more conscious of what I'm going to eat. I feel lighter and not winded when running up and down the stairs "
Tasha A Churchill

Motivated and Excited...

“Having someone to show you how to exercise and achieve great weight loss along with the excellent group of ladies has motivated me to keep coming back. Since I’ve started my blood pressure has decreased … my sexiness increased… and I’m amazed with the weight I’ve lost, 60 pounds so far!!  

Within 6 Weeks...

I join (because) I needed a boost in my weight loss journey.
My cholesterol is down and I am on my way to being the only one in my family not to suffer from diabetes.
My lifestyle (has) changed with my eating habits and exercise. I am motivated to make myself number 1 again because if I can’t give to myself I can’t give to no one else.
Nafeesa Muhammad Huff 

Wholeheartedly Recommend...

I am grateful to have learned the CORRECT way to do keto and no longer feel that it is just like Atkins. It's so much healthier than Atkins and gives so much more energy, and I don't experience the same plunges in mood swings that I used to experience w Atkins.
Lost 15lbs in 40 days (8% of total body weight)
Janna Daugherty

One Of The Best...

Lost 16lbs in 40 days
I joined to jumpstart my weight loss journey. Anyone can do alone but it’s better with a support system. It’s a great community to get started for Keto.
My Legs are slimmer, which was especially great [since] initially I wasn’t able to do any exercise outside of Physical therapy. I have less bloated and clearer skin.
Zainab Grant

It's A Great Program...

(Lost 15lbs in 40 days)
Intermittent fasting has become an instrumental habit since I joined the challenge. I usually fast in Ramadhan. But never actually do it for physical fitness. I love the idea that spiritual connections can increase my fitness lifestyle. I start feeling better and know what time I should start and stop eating. I walk more to get that exercise in. I tend to park farther at work or when I do my groceries. I incorporate exercise in everything I do from simple house chores like cleaning the house to more heavy activities such as shoveling snow or raking the leaves. I dropped a size from 18 to 16.
I had mild arthritis and it hurt me every time I get up. My arthritis is getting better. I don't feel the pain as much as before. As Asian, I sit on the floor of only. My [Doctor] referred me to do physical therapy, but I refused to do it. Alhamdulillah, I am now better and I don't feel the pain whenever I get up from sitting on the floor or climbing the stairs. I have not had the chance to get my blood tested, but a few months ago My cholesterol, triglyceride, and sugar dropped. I have been doing keto for almost a year. I was on the borderline of diabetes, my [Doctor] held off the diabetes medication, hoping that I can lower my sugar and changed my diet. It worked. It's a great program that can help us stay committed.
Jasmine Shah

Best Weight Loss Transformation Lifestyle For Me...

I wanted a lifestyle where I’m not addicted to sugar or non-whole foods and to get my body to efficiently burn fat.
The fasting part was easy for me. Walking 3x a week was a plus and having an accountability partner really boosted my morale.
I’m happy to get moving now. My Blood Pressure has significantly lowered, I’m not sluggish anymore. I’m getting more energy now. I’m starting to feel alive again. I [can] do heavier weights at the gym and push harder.
Having a certified coach who is there for you even being miles away and is an expert at what they do, who really care about helping you and is not about just getting the money is key for me. It may be a little expensive but it's worth it in the end.
I've been on many diets, have lost weight and gained it back many times. I LOVE being on the keto diet, it's a way of life for me. You really get to eat good healthy foods (including snacks) and good fats. Without starving yourself... that's the fun part. This is the best weight loss transformation lifestyle for me. I am more mindful of what I eat and how I am burning fat through diet and exercise.
Lani Siddique

Life Change...

I join to get motivated and make a change that will be sustainable for me. To improve my health and move gracefully as I age InshaaAllah.
The total lifestyle change. Very beneficial for my glucose levels. I haven’t seen such consistent blood sugars since being diagnosed with the disease. I was taken off one medication, reduced two other medication dosages and reduced insulin. It has improved my diabetes and helping to correct my a1c levels. My blood pressure has improved, cholesterol levels have improved and three medications were reduced and one medication discontinued. Alhamdulillah. This is truly the only way of eating that has affected my health in this manner. I continue to be excited about this way of life and enjoy the sisterhood of this group. ❤️❤️❤️
Jump in it has so many benefits and will be different for everyone. We have so much support and a great coach. It is worth the effort. It’s not the easiest transition but a life change that will help you live a beneficial life. I have lots of grandchildren I enjoy interacting with. Alhamdulillah
Aminah Ali

I Strongly Recommend Anyone...

This is the best program ever! I have been trying to lose weight for the past 23 years but have always failed within two weeks of starting while exerting maximum effort. [I joined because] I needed support to lose weight and be healthy on a manageable diet.
The last 40 days on this plan has been the easiest healthy eating plan for me. I am never hungry and I can eat the things that I have always been told to avoid at all costs. I feel like I can stick to this plan forever because it is that easy. I am not out of breath when I walk anymore. I can move easier now.
Try it! You will see results and never be hungry. IT WORKS!!
Khabirah Yahya
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